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Wedding Trends That Won’t Be Cool After 2022

Weddings timed on hold to combat COVID-19, but are now back in full force.



47 weddings.

Couples in their twenties are more likely to worry about their impact on the planet.

Today, more and more engaged couples are opting to have eco-friendly celebrations. When it comes to “approaching wedding planning with deeper care and concern,” Millennial and Gen-Z couples will be “more mindful about sustainability and the future of our planet,” according to Esther Lee, senior editor at The Knot, as quoted by Insider.

Vogue notes that the trend toward eco-friendly nuptials has led to the decline of the traditional wedding buffet. Virtual invitations and takeout dinners are replacing traditional methods. Don’t Waste My Energy claims that buffets generate more leftover food waste than sit-down dinners. It’s much less work to serve everyone their own plate than to have a free-for-all at the dinner table. Planning the food for your wedding? You can’t have a fairytale wedding without these delicious treats.

The number of lavish gifts given out by happy couples has decreased. “As we all try to be more sustainably conscious, couples are now offering a simple yet thoughtful treat or gift for guests to enjoy, perhaps a nod to the wedding location,” said Stefanie Cove, an event planner in Los Angeles, as quoted in Vogue. Who What Wear has observed that some brides are opting to rent their wedding gowns. Spending a fortune on a dress you’ll only wear once is, it turns out, one of the many 2022 wedding fashion trends that people will find unattractive.

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