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What store offers Conch shell jewelry?

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The beach is a great location where you can go swimming in the ocean, listen to the waves breaking, and gather seashells. On the beach in Tower of Fantasy, you can gather conch shells much like in real life. Conches, which are found in these shells, can be prepared into delicious meals that will satisfy your appetite and improve your character’s health. You need to find these scrumptious morsels’ location before you can eat them.

Conches locations in Tower of Fantasy

Conches are organisms that live on beaches. As a result, to locate them, you must travel to the shore. Conches can be found in the Navia and Banges regions. Banges is the first of these regions that you will encounter in the game. After finishing the Astra region’s tale, you will arrive here.

You should look along the southernmost portion of the Banges shoreline for Conches. Many conches can be found along this shore. Stay in the south at all costs. Scallops will start to appear as soon as you begin to cross towards the beach’s center.

Conch Procedures

By choosing Conches from the list of ingredients, you can learn more about them. This will let you know where they are so that you can locate them later. Conches can be used as an ingredient in a culinary robot to create a variety of dishes that will heal your character and replenish their Satiety meter. This substance should not be consumed raw. Conches will only add one point to your satiety meter. When made into a meal, they are significantly more beneficial.