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What’s the best diet beer and what are the side effects of drinking this beer?

If you are watching your carb intake but still want to drink a cold one, this might help you.



Beer of all kinds is consumed for a variety of objectives, including enjoyment, socializing, and cooling off, but it is rarely or never done so in order to lose weight. Alcohol seems to be the antithesis of what you should consume if you want to lose weight, especially something as heavy and dense as beer. In addition to being high in calories and sugar, most alcoholic beverages are not the ideal choices for dieters trying to lose weight.

Alcohol has almost as many calories per gram as pure fat, according to registered dietitian Trista Best, MPH, RD, LD, of Balance One Supplements. The majority of beers sold today are created with subpar ingredients and using brewing techniques that ignore the product’s carbohydrate, calorie, and added sugar content, claims Best.

Greatest, however, claims that the situation is different in the case of Bud Light NEXT, which she praises as the best low-carb beer for ardent beer drinkers who want to lose weight but don’t want to give up their favorite alcoholic beverage. Bud Light NEXT is a carb-free and wheat-free beer.

Best claims that Bud Light NEXT, the brand’s newest beer, may be one of the healthiest choices for people who want to enjoy beer while simultaneously losing weight. There are only 80 calories and no carbohydrates in this beer.

According to Best, the brand has mastered “their enzymatic activity in the brewing process,” which is the reason the beer is able to maintain a low calorie content. The carbohydrates in the beer have been broken down by the enzymes, or proteins that trigger chemical reactions, included in Bud Light NEXT, a process that often occurs in the body after drinking.

Only fat, protein, and alcohol are included when calculating the calorie amount of low-carb beer, according to Best. “Since most beers don’t have any fat or protein, the calories they do have are mostly from alcohol and few carbs. As a result, fewer extra calories are being turned into fat.”

Best claims that the beer is not just carb-free but also free of wheat, which is uncommon in beers but aids Bud Light NEXT in maintaining its carb-free status.

Very few beers are carb-free, but Best notes that Bud Light did so while also being wheat-free. Bud Light NEXT is brewed exclusively with rice, barley, hops, water, and no wheat.

In addition to being the greatest low-carb beer for weight loss, Bud Light NEXT is one of the few beer brands that anyone with a wheat allergy can consume because most beer is often manufactured with wheat.

While this isn’t ideal for people who have a gluten allergy or intolerance, Best notes that it’s fantastic news for people who have a wheat allergy.

Because it’s manufactured with a grain like barley rather than wheat, Bud Light NEXT, one of the few beers without wheat, is nevertheless regarded as beer.

Low-carb beer is frequently brewed with rice rather than wheat, one of the ingredients with the highest carbohydrate content, according to Best. “Beer is created from grains, the majority of which are wheat. However, for a lower carb and occasionally gluten-free option, rice, barley, hops, and yeast are frequently utilized.”

Of course, you can’t expect to lose weight by just relaxing and drinking a Bud Light NEXT; you need to combine it with a balanced diet and frequent exercise to see any progress.

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