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Where can you find some cocoa beans in the game, Game for Girlz, “Tower of Fantasy?”

Get ready with some chocolate.



Even if you knew everything there was to know about the Tower of Fantasy, you still might not guess that Cocoa Beans were the rarest ingredient. Cocoa beans, after all, can be found in abundance in nature. However, Cocoa Beans are extremely scarce in Tower of Fantasy. One specific location, far from the game’s beginning, is the only place to find these beans. Fortunately, they are not unobtainable until the very end of the game.

Where to Find Tower of Fantasy Cocoa Beans

One must travel to the Navia region before obtaining Cocoa Beans. If you make it to Banges in Chapter 2, you’ll gain access to this region, even though it’s the third place you’ll visit in the story. Northern Banges is where you’ll find the region of Navia.

Various islands make up the Navia region. You must travel to Raincaller Island in order to acquire Cocoa Beans. You can reach this island from the mainland by crossing a massive bridge that spans the Navia region’s northwest corner. Although cocoa beans can be found all over Raincaller Island, we concentrated our search in the areas shown above. When found on the ground, cocoa beans resemble small, brown beans. As you travel across the island, keep an eye out for them.

A Guide to Cooking with Cocoa

Cocoa beans can be used in a variety of recipes that can be made at various cooking stations around the world. Cocoa beans are the main ingredient in Cocoa Milk, chocolate bread, and Pine Cocoa, among other things. You can increase your damage and recover health with the help of these recipes. The next time you need to whip up a quick meal or two, keep a supply of Cocoa Beans on hand.