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Where is the place Kame House in Fortnite?

Spend some time on the Fortnite Battle Island and you will find the Kame House of Dragon Ball Z fame.



Somewhere on the Fortnite Battle Island is the replica of the Kame House from Dragon Ball. The location is as follows.

Now that the new Dragon Ball Z collaboration is live, players exploring the island may recognize some landmarks from the popular anime and manga. And in particular, Kame House.

In addition to serving as Master Roshi’s permanent residence, Kame House has been used by a number of recurring characters as a hideout, meeting place, and training center throughout the course of the franchise’s history. Fortnite Island is more than just a tourist attraction. Below is a clip from a video uploaded by EveryDay FN, in which they stop by for a little while.

Kame House in Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z

Kame House is located “on a very small island off the coast of the mainland Island,” per a press release from Epic Games. It’s also where you can find Bulma, who will trade you “some very powerful items” for gold.

Kamehameha, an energy attack, and Nimbus Cloud, a weather phenomenon, are examples. Purchase them from Bulma for 250 gil. A player’s opponent will take significant damage from the devastating Kamehameha attack. With the Nimbus Cloud, adventurers can quickly travel across the island.