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Where to find Black Truffles in the Tower of Fantasy

People around the world love to eat this type of mushroom. It’s called the ‘most sought after of all mushrooms.’



As you explore the Tower of Fantasy, you’ll come across a wide variety of ingredients. In contrast to others, some of these ingredients can be easily located. The Black Truffle is one of the more elusive ingredients. These exotic mushrooms may be hard to find, but they are definitely worth the effort. You can make some excellent meals with this ingredient.

How to find Black Truffles in the Tower of Fantasy

Black truffles are currently in high demand but may take some time to acquire. It’s because the Warren area is the only place you can find this particular kind of mushroom. It’s the snowy area in the far northeast of the map. Until you update your Suppressor to version 3.4, you will be unable to access this region. This is the fifth area you’ll visit if you’re following the plot.

Once you know where to look, finding black truffles is a breeze. Small black or brown blobs on the ground, which are only seen within the large circular structures. This is because they are likely to contain enemies with abnormalities. At the base of each of these structures, you’ll most likely find four or five Truffles.

Black Truffle Recipes

Black truffles can be eaten raw if you prefer not to cook them. Each Black Truffle you consume will restore 15,000 health points in addition to the 7% that it would normally restore. The four Satiety points your character loses due to hunger can be recovered with the help of black truffles. The mushrooms can be used to make Truffle Fried Rice, which is a delicious dish. This meal will not only restore 20 Satiety points but also significantly boost your physical damage.