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Where to find potatoes in the tower of fantasy

Basic Cooking Items



You can find a wide variety of ingredients all across the Tower of Fantasy’s land. Potatoes are one of the more common ingredients that are surprisingly difficult to locate. These delectable starches are hidden beneath the earth and are only found in certain places. Regrettably, it might take you some time before you can gather a number of them and prepare some tasty dinners. In Tower of Fantasy, you can find potatoes here.

Potato locations in Tower of Fantasy

Throughout the game’s early stages, you could encounter the occasional potato. You will stay in the Astra region for the duration of the first chapter of the game. Although there aren’t many starches in this area, opening supply pods and completing certain tasks will get you a few potatoes. It is not very efficient to get many potatoes with this strategy.

You should travel to the Banges area if you want to purchase a large quantity of potatoes. Potatoes can be found anywhere, however they are primarily dispersed over woodland places with lots of shrubbery.

Potatoes can be discovered at tree and shrub bases as well as around shrubs. As long as you travel inland and stay away from the ocean, there are numerous Potato places in the Banges region.

Uses for Potatoes

Potatoes are a standard ingredient in the cooking menu. By choosing the cooking option from the backpack menu, you can reach this menu. The greatest way to eat potatoes is not uncooked. A raw potato will only add one point to your character’s satiety meter. As a result, you should use potatoes at cooking stations and prepare dishes with them. You may maximize the benefits of this starch by doing this.