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Where to get Snow Lotus’ in Tower of Fantasy

These are some big cabbages.



Tower of Fantasy has a hard time finding quality ingredients. Even more challenging to locate are rare substances. Later on in Tower of Fantasy, you can obtain Snow Lotus’, one of the more elusive components. Despite having a flower-like name, they are actually bulky white cabbages that are difficult to miss when you do come across them. You should spend a lot of time looking for this veggie because it will be well worth it.

What to get in Tower of Fantasy’s Snow Lotus?

You won’t find Snow Lotus at the beginning of your trip because it is one of the game’s rare components. You must acquire entry to the Warren region in order to obtain Snow Lotus’. The fifth zone you will unlock is called Warren, and it is located in a snowy area of the northeastern half of the map.

Once you are in the Warren region, there are really quite a few locations where you can obtain Snow Lotus’. The above map shows markers for each of these places. Dark green Snow Lotuses tend to shine out against the Warren region’s background of white.

Utilizing Snow Lotus

In Tower of Fantasy, eating a Snow Lotus without boiling it will restore seven percent of your player’s health as well as 10,000. For a straightforward vegetable, that’s a lot. Four Satiety Points will be added back to your character’s Satiety Meter by this substance. Snow Lotuses can be used to make Snow Lotus Soup if you want to cook with them. A whopping 20% of your character’s health, plus an additional 20,000, are restored by this soup. Additionally, it recovers 800 stamina points.