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Who voiced Collei in Genshin Impact?

Collei makes her way onto the stage (It goes without saying that she does).”



The big 3.0 update for Genshin Impact is just around the corner, and players have been begging for any and all information about it. This update adds the Sumeru region, the Dendro nature-based aspect, and several new character banners.

On August 24, a 4-star Dendro-infused archer named Collei will be released alongside version 3.0. She works as a trainee ranger in Sumeru’s Avidya Forest. She will serve as a supporting off-field DPS character and will back Tighnari’s and Zhongli’s event request. In version 3.0, a new element called Dendro will be included. It has a resonant frequency with the Hydro and Electro components. This guide will identify the voice actors who play Collei in Genshin Impact in both Japanese and English.

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Japanese voice actor Collei

Ryoko Maekawa is a well-known voice actress who has performed in a number of animated films, including Fruits Basket, Sing “Yesterday,” for Me, and Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki OVA. She has background in singing and has been doing voice work since 2015.

English voice actor Collei

Collei’s English voice actor is Christina Costello. She started doing voiceover work in 2013. She has worked on anime including Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles, Hanako’s Flower Shop, and Cosmic Wonders. While she doesn’t have many videogame-related credits, her extensive background in numerous original TV series and anime might benefit Genshin Impact.

Save up your Primogems and try to pull for Collei when the Tighnari and Zhongli event wishes become available since she will be a valuable character in Genshin Impact 3.0. She will be accompanied by a pair of weapons, including a potent bow, each specifically designed to exploit her special talents.