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Why Arya Stark Being Difficult is Okay

The “deadliest” Stark sibling of Game of Thrones proves that she is naturally the most interesting and deserving of attention by players.



MultiVersus, Warner Bros.’ all-star platform crossover, has been a phenomenal success. The vibrant online brawler has smashed its way through the competition, surpassing10 million active players within a month of its open beta release, thanks to its massive roster of some of the most iconic characters from the worlds of TV, gaming, and film.

One of the most well-known and powerful characters on HBO’s massive hit fantasy series, Game of Thrones, Arya Stark has been at the center of this expanding cast of main characters. The youngest Stark is as lethal as ever in the right hands, but the complexity of Arya’s moveset and special abilities has discouraged some players from picking her up in MultiVersus. Those who are willing to put in the time and effort to become proficient with the character stand to gain a lot in return.

Arya isn’t the best choice for inexperienced players who want to jump right into the action while still learning the controls. For that, more beginner-friendly choices include Shaggy, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Arya is a difficult fighter to master, and the fact that she is an assassin makes her vulnerable to powerful attacks. To avoid an early exit from the arena, it is crucial to make use of Arya’s speed to get her out of the way of incoming attacks.

The depth of Arya’s moveset will test the skills of even the most devoted fighting game player. Sword strikes and melee attacks make up the bulk of the gameplay, and a high-pressure approach is required to get the most out of the fickle swordmaster. Arya’s special attacks increase the difficulty by a large margin, as they necessitate precise timing and an awareness of chaining to be used effectively. Examples include Arya, who deals more damage from behind, but who requires players to learn how to use her downward special attack to disorient and turn their opponents so that the next melee hit deals more damage and pierces any armor defense.

Nonetheless, people shouldn’t be discouraged from using Arya because of her mild impenetrability as a character as they enter the MultiVersus arena. Arya is designed for expert players, so players will need to put in effort to not only make the most of her abilities but also unlock her full potential. As with Arya in the books and the show, this means that players can’t just pick her up and start using her right away; instead, they have to put in work to become proficient. In order to keep players engaged, games must present them with a challenge and offer them a path to success. Mastering something quickly can make it feel empty and unsatisfying.

In addition to improving an already strong roster, Arya gives the team some much-needed variety. Players who want to pick up and play will find what they’re looking for, but there must be a range of options for those who are willing to put in more time and effort to compete at a high level. Thanks to characters like Superman and Shaggy, casual players won’t feel left out, while long-term fans can reap the benefits of their dedication to their favorite heroes by developing a strong player/battler bond.

It’s common for fighting games to use the same strategies to appeal to both novice and expert players. Mortal Kombat 11’s roster, for example, takes advantage of this variety by having characters like Johnny Cage and Kung Lao use quick, simple combos, while characters like Shao Kahn and D’Vorah require more skill and knowledge to use effectively.

If MultiVersus wants to keep its massive popularity in the market and continue to enchant players long into its later seasons, then Arya’s difficulty isn’t just fine; it’s a necessity. Games should be difficult enough to keep players interested and engaged, or give them the option to increase the difficulty. Studios, meanwhile, should know that if they want to attract and retain players over the long haul, they need to feature characters, gameplay systems, and play styles that demand investment and dedication from fans. It’s possible that MultiVersus’s huge player base would shrink as quickly as the Reynes of Castamere if it didn’t have characters like Arya.