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Why did Kate Middleton alter her engagement ring?

She wanted to avoid her worst nightmare.



PSA: Kate Middleton refused to let a problem with sizing prevent her from owning the engagement ring of her dreams. According to recent reports, the Duchess of Cambridge changed her engagement ring after Prince William proposed in Kenya while wearing it.

The 12-carat blue sapphire gem, known as the “boulder ring,” was given to Kate in 2010 and (fun fact!) has been on my Pinterest mood board ever since. It is casually flanked by 14 solitaire diamonds. Kate, however, “really had the ring altered—as she believed the band was too wide and “spinning on her finger,”” according to The Mirror—just before her and Prince William’s famous wedding day on April 29, 2011.

The Diana Story claims that Kate almost didn’t receive her late mother-in-ring law’s at all because *drumroll, please* it actually belonged to Prince Harry, which makes the story even more intriguing. The Duke of Sussex reportedly “selflessly” gave up the ring so that his eldest brother could present it to his then-fiancée Kate, according to Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell. The Mirror notes that Prince Charles permitted his sons to choose pieces from Diana’s jewelry collection to preserve after she passed away following a car accident in Paris in 1997. “It’s thought that Harry received the sapphire ring, while William opted for a gold Cartier watch… In 2010, just before William asked Kate to be his wife, Harry gave his brother the opportunity to present Kate with their mother’s engagement ring. BRB, starting to cry as I recall how close these two once were.