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Will FIFA 23 Have Cross-Progression?

With the arrival of FIFA 23 pre-season right around the corner, fans are curious if the new title will feature cross-progression capabilities.



The FIFA 23 pre-season is quickly approaching, and fans are wondering if the next game will include cross-progression.

Players can carry over their progress from a previous title or season onto the following generation of a game thanks to cross-progression. Players of FIFA 22 would be able to continue with all the same benefits, rewards, and experience they had acquired in the prior game in FIFA 23.

It’s important to note that EA has formally endorsed FIFA 23’s cross-play on their website. Players will be able to play online matches against opponents from other platforms, and the FUT Transfer market will also work cross-platform. This means that “a PlayStation 4 player will be able to see and interact with it if you were to list a [FUT] Item on Stadia.”

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Will there be cross-progression in FIFA 23?

Cross-progression abilities are not currently mentioned in any official FIFA 23 marketing materials. It is therefore doubtful that it will be included in FIFA 23. Of course, data for FIFA 23 can be moved from one platform generation to another.

Cross-progression being absent from FIFA 23 makes sense. Apart from the obvious, neither FIFA 21 nor 22 included cross-progression. FIFA gives players the opportunity to start over with each new version and incorporate the knowledge they have gained over the previous year as they go. Who would want to purchase a new game, after all, if everyone who had already purchased it was inherently better?