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Will Yakuza 8 change to a turn-based combat system? We don’t know yet

Yakuza developer has taken a bold step and is bringing back turn-based combat in Yakuza: Like A Dragon. The post definitively answers the question “Will the latest installment in the series be turn-b



The next Yakuza game is currently in development, but will it be a turn-based RPG like the previous seven? There is a solution available, and we have it for you.

The Yakuza series’ creators, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, took a risk with their latest game, Yakuza: Like a Dragon. The series saw a meteoric rise in popularity thanks in large part to its compelling beat ’em up gameplay, and its former protagonist Kiryu Kazuma is now one of the most recognizable protagonists in gaming. However, the latest game in the series effectively started over.

Like a Dragon featured a new protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga, and an all-new gameplay engine. Is Yakuza 8 going to be a traditional beat ’em up like previous entries in the series, as some fans hope, or will it be another turn-based RPG? This is what we have learned.

Is it confirmed that Yakuza 8 will be a real-time strategy game?

According to developer interviews, Yakuza 8 will follow the turn-based RPG formula. Continuing the trend of the Yakuza series’ departures from its action roots, this is a first.

Before and after the release of Like a Dragon, the team behind Yakuza 8 wavered over whether the game would remain an RPG or revert to an action style. The latest game’s commercial success in western markets eventually changed their tune. Yakuza 8 is part of a larger trend toward turn-based RPGs in the series.

For dedicated viewers, that could be disappointing news. Some Yakuza fans were dissatisfied with the shift from an open-world beat ’em up to a JRPG at the time, and those feelings persist today. The classic aesthetic of the series hasn’t been entirely lost, though.

The leaders of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio have stated that the Judgment series will feature the same gameplay as the original Yakuza games. The spin-off series, originally titled Judgment and set in the same universe as Yakuza, focuses primarily on the district of Kamurocho. Another sequel, Lost Judgment, will arrive in 2021.

The tone and themes of the series are different from those of Yakuza, but the gameplay and aesthetic are largely unchanged. The Judgment series is a great choice for readers interested in classic Yakuza tales.

Will Yakuza 8 use a turn-based system? The post has the answer, but we already knew that