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Woman gives out candles to individuals who are quitting their jobs and she usually passes them out on the last day

There is a woman who gives out ‘sorry for your loss’ candles when she has quit her job after finding a better one.



from Emma Dunn by SWNS

When she left her job, a woman made her coworkers “sorry for your loss” candles with a picture of her face on the label so they could “mourn” her.

Branka Oljaca, 24, made the gifts as a humorous joke for her coworkers.

The former dental assistant, who had recently started a candle business, had made the decision to leave her position and was looking for a creative way to part ways.

Fortunately, her coworkers laughed and understood the humor.

I wanted to do something to present to everyone before I left, said Adelaide, Australia-based customer service worker Branka.

And as a joke, I decided to make these “sad for your loss” candles out of the blue.

I wanted to make a big deal as I left since I’m extra.

Fortunately, everyone thought they were funny.

The following day, my friend sent me a video of her lighting the candle and acting sad to mourn me.

After three years, Branka made the decision to leave her work when her candle-making business began to flourish during lockdown. This was in June 2021.

Branka wanted to say goodbye to her coworkers in a particular way because they had been supportive of her new endeavor.

She remarked, “I realized I had to do something.

I was thinking along those lines because I made them candles for Christmas, but I also thought I could make it humorous.

I had the idea to decorate “sorry for your loss” candles with pictures of my face, and I just had to do it.

For her homemade scented candles, Branka printed labels with a picture of herself and the words “sad for your loss.” She then adhered the labels to the candles.

After she recorded the video and uploaded it to Tiktok, it quickly gained 2.7 million views and 437k likes, becoming a viral hit.

Branka stated, “My mother thought that was a terrible idea.

She later changed her mind after seeing how many people had watched my video.

On her penultimate day of work, Branka brought the candles in and surprised everyone with one.

They were all laughing so hard, she remarked.

“They are such a terrific team, I was so sad to go.

Ironically, when they gave me my leaving gifts on my last day, I started crying.

The joke was that it was my loss rather than theirs, they said.

Branka has been receiving requests from individuals to manufacture some candles ever after she made them.

It’s hilarious, she gushed.

It’s wonderful that everyone understood the humor.

When she quit her work, a woman distributed “sorry for your loss” candles. The post appeared first on Talker.