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Woman realises she’s gay at 35 so ditches husband, home, and job to travel the world

‘It all made sense.’



Lauren Burgess had everything she ever wanted: a wonderful husband, a stunning home, and a flourishing career. Then, under the strain of it all, she began to break out in itchy hives on a regular basis.

She had a hard time identifying the root of the problem, so she started seeing a therapist.

At the age of 35, this is how she came to terms with the reality that she was gay and deeply dissatisfied with her life.

So Lauren made a decision to alter her lifestyle. alternately, several alterations.

She decided to travel the world and discover her sexuality, so she left her job, her husband, and her home.

At age 37, she has never been happier.

“I was living a life that I was told would make me happy,” Lauren, a business coach from Joshua Tree, California, said.

I thought I had the perfect life—the husband, the house, the dog, the job—but then I realized something was wrong.

There was a turning point when I noticed people on social media discussing their sexuality in a candid manner.

My husband wasn’t supportive of my desire to work and travel, so I took off in my van for two weeks and had an epiphany: I was gay.

While in college, Lauren had “experimented” with women. She later brushed this off as harmless fun.

Not until she started therapy did she realize how much of her true self she had been hiding.

An episode of depression brought on by the pandemic, coupled with persistent hives, prompted her to make significant changes to her lifestyle.

“I was in and out of the hospital until my therapist told me I needed to give something up to get better,” she explained.

“I could hardly get out of bed.”

My husband Matt and I started marriage counseling, during which we talked about taking a trip.

Then, “all of a sudden,” he changed his mind and told me that it wasn’t what he wanted.

Lauren decided she still wanted to do it, so she bought a van off Craigslist and set off on a “two-week trip.”

In a sense, the trip was a “perfect fit.”

‘I’d been seeing a lot of people of social media taking about their sexuality and I began to realize that I might be bisexual,’ Lauren said.

But on the trip, everything clicked, and I knew for sure that I was gay.

It was clear as day.

I had to confront my husband about divorcing me, and I did.

After four years of marriage, in February 2021, Lauren uprooted and took off in a van with her Goldendoodle, Ted, and left her husband, Matt, 40.

She has now extended her travels to Europe, visiting cities like Lisbon, London, Paris, and Amsterdam on her quest to better understand her sexuality and the things that bring her true joy.

Lauren said, “Matt is an incredible human being, and I still care deeply about him.”

“It’s been a struggle, but I had to go after what I wanted to achieve in life.”

I always felt like I was living the dream, but now I know for sure.

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