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Woodward Dream Cruise Photo Gallery | Exotics and foreign cars

Woodward Dream Cruise Photo Gallery | Exotics and foreign cars



Although the American muscle and vintage automobiles at the Woodward Dream Cruise may be its most famous features, the whole automotive world attends this one day of epic motoring. As a result, we receive our fair share of exotics and foreign vehicles from all over, as well as, quite honestly, everything else you can imagine.

People drove about on the cruise this year in Porsches, BMWs, Hondas, and many other vehicles. We also noticed a good number of exotic animals. Although there were a ton of Ferraris and Lamborghinis present, McLarens were nearly everywhere.

If you’re new to the whole Dream Cruise thing, you should know that it’s an annual celebration on Southeast Michigan’s Woodward Avenue. The trip travels from Ferndale, Michigan, to Pontiac, so miles and miles of the road are lined with hundreds of thousands of people. The Dream Cruise turns out to be a gigantic, slowly moving automobile exhibition because of the slow-moving traffic.

Check out our other galleries if you’d like to see more than just the show’s foreign and exotic vehicles. Here, you can find both American muscle and classics. This place has every truck you could possibly desire to look at. Finally, there is a gallery featuring all the bizarre items, including dogs, motorcycles, and other things.

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