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Woody Harrelson is an actor who has starred in more than fifty films

Well-known actors Woody Harrelson, Ozark’s Laura Linney and Nico Parker star in the upcoming drama film Suncoast. It is written and directed by Laura Chinn.



The upcoming drama film Suncoast will star Woody Harrelson and Laura Linney (Ozark). Harrelson, who shot to fame in an iconic role on the TV show Cheers, has recently been seen in Triangle of Sadness and the action comedy The Man from Toronto, in which he co-stars with Kevin Hart. Linney’s portrayal of Wendy Byrde on the critically acclaimed Netflix crime series Ozark, which she has been a part of since 2017, has garnered her multiple Emmy nominations throughout the show’s four seasons, and she currently has one pending nomination.

It has been reported by THR that Harrelson and Linney will work together in the upcoming true-life drama film Suncoast. In the lead role, Nico Parker (Dumbo) will play a teen who lives with her obstinate mother (Linney) and must eventually move her brother to a specialized facility, where she forms an unlikely friendship with an unconventional activist (Harrelson). Suncoast is scheduled to begin filming in September.

Laura Chinn based the film on her own life. Chinn is not only writing and producing the film, but also making her directorial debut with it. Suncoast has a promising premise and looks promising on paper, but there is no release date set for it just yet. Harrelson and Linney, both of whom were nominated for an Academy Award, add a substantial amount of star power to the production. In the meantime, Parker is a promising newcomer who can easily compete with the established stars of Suncoast.