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Working the front desk at a hotel can be tough, but it will give you a good sense of what to expect

A hotel employee took to TikTok to share their job on what their night shift takes. One viewer was so intrigued that she interrupted her shift to go visit Taco Bell.



A night-shift hotel front desk worker answered viewers’ questions in the comments of a popular TikTok video about his day.

The video’s creator, user @femomvny10, opens with the phrase, “Another day, another dollar. User @femomvny10 says on the clock, “The night supposed to be busy so I gotta-” before he leaves work to go to Taco Bell.

Back at the hotel, he watches Hardcore Henry on his laptop before eating the food he just bought. After that, he takes an hour-long nap, then an hour-long swim at the pool. After rousing himself from his nap, he plays Call of Duty before finishing his shift with a cup of coffee and the trash run.

Working hard, never hardly trying is the caption for this video.

This past Sunday, the video had already been viewed over 3.9 million times. Despite the obvious humor of the TikToker’s video, several viewers wanted to know more about @femomvny10’s day-to-day responsibilities.

What exactly are your responsibilities and obligations?” To “just be there in case a guest needs something?”, as one user put it.

“What if he’s asleep or gone when someone comes to the desk,” another asked.

A third voice chimed in, “Is it really this easy working front desk at a hotel?”

In response to a comment from a viewer, the creator revealed that he currently works in the hotel department of an international airport. Those who say they worked the overnight shift at a hotel front desk have had similar stories to tell.

The couple would “be lit” because I was a housekeeper and he was the maintenance man lol,” as one person put it.

I worked in night audit for quite some time, and I can attest that this is spot on. When we were completely sold out, I couldn’t nap, and that was the worst. One more contributed to the text.

That’s how my experience was like at the front desk. That’s how chill it is, lmao. I was planning on bringing my PS4 and laptop along and was too busy eating tbell to attend. Third one included.

At least this isn’t the first time @femomvny10 has filmed himself being a jerk on the job. His life as a front desk clerk has been the subject of several of his viral comedic videos.

The Daily Dot asked @femomvny10 for their thoughts on the matter in a TikTok comment and an email.

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An overnight shift hotel worker answers the question, “Is working front desk at a hotel really this easy?” The post’s revelations have sparked heated debate on Reddit and elsewhere.