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xQc jumps into a mixture of slimes and food to make noise

After doing a stream with dark corners and moldy, fermenting food, xQc revealed that he had a messy room, with accusations of sludge explosions. It turns out, the video was first posted on



Felix “xQc” Lengyel’s filthy streaming setup was exposed in a recent stream, which Felix’s followers found repulsive. Following feedback from fans, xQc is now making an effort to organize his streaming room.

Yesterday, while streaming, xQc swung his webcam downward to display a horde of empty soda cans and fast food wrappers. Some of his admirers even referred to the scenario as a “landfill” because it was so repulsive. Some fans were worried that xQc was living in filth for years despite earning millions from his streaming because this was the third time xQc had revealed the actual condition of his bedroom.

xQc decided to clean up his room in response to the shock from his community, but things did not go as planned.

xQc tries to tidy up the space after receiving criticism

During a recent webcast, xQc groaned and said, “I’ve got to clean the room.”

In an effort to get xQc to stop viewing movies online and start tidying up his area, viewers began to spam “clean the room.” After a successful try, xQc made the decision to begin cleaning up on stream.

In order to gather all the loose wrappers in the room during the cleanup stream, xQc opened a large trash bag. In addition, he brought a sponge, soap, and wipes. Food remnants from Taco Bell, a chicken restaurant, Subway, Starbucks, and McDonald’s were found on the ground. He displayed the interiors of the containers, some of which contained “transforming” leftover food.

“Wow, that mold is bad. Watch that? Look at the mold. Examine it. Holding up some remnants, xQc stated, “This is actual mold.

Fans at this moment encouraged xQc to cover his face. He had already gathered enough leftover food to fill two trash bags. His desk was still covered in empty bottles, but his floor was virtually visible at this time.

After that, xQc started tidying up his desk. This includes throwing away empty Coke cans and Starbucks cups. After washing down his desk, he even started cleaning his mousepad and keyboard. However, it appeared to be a lost cause and unable to completely wipe the mousepad of its muck.

Being a part of xQc’s first-ever cleaning stream definitely excited the discussion, which erupted with “I was here”s. With a few minor snags, such as a drink “exploding” onto the wall, the cleanup appeared to be a success.

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