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You can buy a 90s Porsche-inspired boat, if you really want to

Yes, this is a yacht made to kind of look like a 993-generation 911 cabriolet.



Have you ever been driving a late model air-cooled Porsche 911 cabriolet on dry land and thought, “Everything else is perfect, but I wish I were on the sea instead?” No? The good news is that somebody has, and that person decided to use the concept to construct a boat.

That’s a Craig Craft 168 Boss from 1995, by the way. There’s a brand new V-6 engine in it that comes from General Motors, and the body is a bright shade of yellow. Over that, it has “fenders” reminiscent of a 911 Cabriolet from the early 1990s and other Porsche-inspired bodywork, such as a hood, headlights, windscreen, and side view mirrors. It’s not a Porsche boat in any other sense of the word, doesn’t have 911 power, or even an interior that looks anything like a 911, but the part you can see from the water does resemble a late air-cooled 911, especially the rear end.

Perhaps not for everyone’s tastes, but there is certainly something new to experience. The boat, like a copy of a nonexistent product, starts by wondering how Porsche would construct a boat like this, and then moves on to wonder how a different company would construct a boat like this. You might be the only person in the world who has a boat to match their black 964 or 993 generation 911 cabriolet.

The Bring a Trailer ad is silent on the subject of the vessel’s history or purpose, only stating that it was “stored for 27 years” and “last serviced in 2021). According to that time frame, the boat has been sitting in storage ever since it was first constructed. With over three days left, the current bid is $19,333.